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What is OSHA Certification Training?
OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, was created in 1970 to prevent dangerous working conditions. They require workers to complete safety compliance training courses covering lessons on eliminating or diminishing occupational injury, illness, and death to achieve this goal. The Ranks OSHA courses are here to assist U.S. employers in staying compliant with training obligations outlined in OSHA Standards.

Note: There is technically no such thing as "OSHA certification.” By completing an OSHA Outreach Training Program course, graduates earn either a 10-hour or 30-hour OSHA DOL card.


Benefits of OSHA Training
OSHA training is becoming mandatory in more states and industries every day. The Ranks OSHA training is an effective and comprehensive way to take OSHA-authorized training. 

Starting at $300

The Red Cross First Aid/AED and CPR training course, taught by certified and experienced instructors from The RANKS, is designed to provide individuals with essential life-saving skills and knowledge to respond effectively to a wide range of emergency situations. This comprehensive course will equip participants with the confidence and competence to make a positive difference when faced with life-threatening emergencies.

Course Content:

Introduction to First Aid:

Understanding the role of a first responder
Legal considerations and Good Samaritan laws
Assessment and Safety:

Recognizing and prioritizing scenes for safety
Conducting primary and secondary assessments
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR):

Techniques for performing adult, child, and infant CPR
Effective chest compressions and rescue breaths
Use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) during CPR
Choking Management:

Identifying and responding to choking incidents in adults, children, and infants
Bleeding and Wound Care:

Controlling and treating various types of bleeding
Dressing and bandaging wounds effectively
Shock and Allergic Reactions:

Recognizing signs of shock and allergic reactions
Administering first aid for anaphylaxis
Musculoskeletal Injuries:

Recognizing and immobilizing fractures and dislocations
Dealing with sprains and strains
Burns and Thermal Injuries:

Treating various degrees of burns and scalds
Understanding appropriate burn care
Medical Emergencies:

Responding to common medical emergencies, including heart attacks, strokes, and seizures
Environmental Emergencies:

Managing heat-related illnesses, cold-related illnesses, and more
Child and Infant Care:

Special considerations and techniques for pediatric CPR and first aid
AED Training:

Proper use of automated external defibrillators
Understanding AED prompts and operation
The RANKS' instructors, certified by the Red Cross, will employ a hands-on and interactive approach to learning, including practical scenarios and simulations to reinforce the knowledge and skills acquired during the course. Successful completion of the training will result in participants receiving Red Cross certification in First Aid/AED and CPR, which is recognized nationally and internationally.

Whether you are a healthcare professional, a teacher, a parent, or simply someone who cares about the well-being of others, this course will empower you to take immediate and effective action in emergency situations, potentially saving lives. Join us for this invaluable training and become a confident and skilled responder in times of need.


Course Description: The Petro-Chemical 101 class is a comprehensive two-week program designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in the petrochemical industry, emphasizing safety, emergency response, and regulatory compliance. This course will cover the 9 Energy categories, first aid, CPR, AED training, OSHA incident investigation, OSHA incident management, Global Harmonization Standard (GHS), OSHA machine guarding, and fall protection. The class offers a valuable learning experience for individuals seeking to enter the petrochemical sector or enhance their knowledge in the field.


Course Format: The Petro-Chemical 101 class combines classroom lectures, hands-on practical training, and real-world scenarios to ensure that participants not only understand the concepts but can apply them effectively. The course includes interactive discussions, group activities, and practical exercises to reinforce the learning experience.
Course Schedule: The class spans two weeks, with each week focusing on different aspects of the petrochemical industry. The course runs from [start date] to [end date], with daily sessions from [start time] to [end time].
Course Cost: The cost of the Petro-Chemical 101 class includes all course materials, certification fees, and access to the necessary equipment and resources. This investment provides a valuable opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge and skills in the petrochemical sector.
Who Should Attend: This course is suitable for individuals looking to start a career in the petrochemical industry, as well as existing professionals who want to expand their knowledge and enhance their safety and emergency response skills.
Upon successful completion of the Petro-Chemical 101 class, participants will receive a certification demonstrating their competency in various safety practices and their ability to respond effectively to petrochemical industry-related incidents.
Join us for this intensive and informative program to develop the expertise and confidence needed for a successful career in the petrochemical industry.

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